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The London N7 Postcode Is A Great Place To Work

Lucky N7 is the Holloway postcode that includes Islington and Holloway. The Studios flexible commercial units are fast becoming a hub for established businesses, creative start-ups and expanding business.

Networking and socialising at The Studios

The Red Meet is a new meeting space designed to create a new and exciting environment for the commercial residents. The idea is to encourage networking, co-working and provide an exciting hub for both team and client meetings. The Meet is divided into an informal and formal meeting space. The flexible setting allows for both a lounge-style or board room atmosphere; together they combine stylish design, smart technology and cool practicality. From a client’s perspective it’s a cool place for meetings, for commercial residents it’s perfect for mini conferences, meetings, team events or screenings.

Why rent office space at The Studios in Islington?

  1. Good coffee al fresco (weather permitting)
  2. Flexible office units, customise to suite your business
  3. 3 minutes from Holloway Tube
  4. Fast Broadband – up to 100 MB
  5. Double height offices include a mezzanine level
  6. Reed Meet hub for networking, co-working and meetings

After work activities around The Studios N7

If you don’t fancy the five minute walkercise to The Arsenal, The Studios has two gyms. The Fit Space chain that runs a number of aerobic based classes alongside the standard weights and the bespoke Oxygen Gym run by Gilbert, the former UK World Body Building champion. Gilbert has an iron strategy that can sculpt your office bod to match the physic of Bruce Lee or Arnie Schwarzenegger.

Planning an office sports day in N7?

Nearby Highbury Fields is the perfect location for the office sports day. Just over 10 minutes from The Studios, last summer saw digital marketing residents 4Ps Marketing hosting the summer sports challenge. A 70 strong collection of desk-jockeys whacking a rounder’s bat fuelled by adult drinks and the classic wager, boys Vs girls. Summer in Islington is all about the fun!

Oxygen Fitness Univers – One to one gym training

Ever wanted the gym to yourself? Oxygen Fitness Univers is a fully equipped competition level gym built for one to one tuition and tutored by former UK Body Building Champion Gilbert Alaskadi. Just off the Holloway Road at The Studios in North London, this unique gym never has a queue for the next machine and your own personal instructor comes with 24 years of world class experience.

50% discount for The Studios residents first session

“Melt fat and build muscle” says Gilbert, “just one session and you will leave here a different person”. Residents of the The Studios can pop in to book their first training session and receive a 50% discount on their first visit.

Once you have set your fitness goals, nutrition, personal training and tweaks to your lifestyle will take you closer to fat free body. “Changing habits as well as training,” says Gilbert, “people sit from 8 to 5 at a desk with no break eating crisps and sandwiches.” Changes as a results of experiencing the gym are both physical and mental at Oxygen Fitness.

Ten popular reasons why you need to exercise regularly

Aside from the core objective of “melt fat and build muscle”, Look online and you’ll see that exercise has a number of other non-protein related benfits. Here’s a top ten of common FAQs relating to reasons to exercise regularly:

  1. Improve your state of mind, make you happier
  2. Boost to self confidence
  3. Don’t get ill so often
  4. Sex life can improve
  5. Life expectancy increares
  6. Body has more energy
  7. Great way to de-stress
  8. Posture improves
  9. Memory can improve
  10. Destress

When did Gilbert start training to be a World Champion?

As child he wanted to be the strongest wrestler in his village back in Africa. By chance his uncle ordered a magazine from overseas. On the postatge mark was stamped a pumped-up body builder. “I saw big muscles for the first time, wow!” Explains Gilbert. “I wanted to be big and strong”. He went on to become the strongest wrestler in the village and a world champion.

Flexible office space turned into a gym for champions

With male and female changing facilities and more weightlifting equipment than you could ever lift in one session; this flexible office space has been fully transformed into a one to one muscle factory with the core objectives to “melt fat, burn muscle”. With 50% off your first session it’s time to live the dream.

See more of Gilbert’s world at Oxygen Fitness

Mindmaps Research find a new name and a new home at The Studios

Mindmaps Research logo
Mindmaps Research

In November we welcomed a new face to the community at The Studios, a technology company that develops search engines which help organisations discover the value of data stores, uncovering their true potential. Whilst located in Cambridge the highly innovative startup went by the name Ontoit Holdings, but as part of a rebrand and restructure they are now known as Mindmaps Research Ltd.

Mindmaps are a tech startup founded by University of Cambridge graduate Haikal Pribadi and including graduates from universities throughout the world. With studies including Advanced Computer Science, Electronic Engineering, Machine Learning and Nuclear Engineering amongst their backgrounds, they really are a bright bunch!

They focus on creating knowledge representation systems, which allow them to integrate large amounts of data through formal naming and definition of the data types, properties, and interrelationships, known as knowledge ontologies. Their systems are developed using graph technologies, enabling Mindmaps to perform semantic search on big data in parallel.

Whilst these terms may all appear quite baffling to most, the result is a search engine that can discover meaningful relationships between data that previously appeared quite isolated. When you consider just how much data your organisation collects, and how little you scrutinise that data, you can imagine the benefit that would come from being able to interrogate it more closely.

Mindmaps leverage the relationships they discover to assist organisations to find information and explore ideas in an integrative manner. Their search engine integrates five fields in computer science: ontology engineering, machine learning, natural language processing, semantic search and distributed computing. With a modular and scalable system architecture, it can easily be customised to work in different industries with different types of data.

The first application to be developed by the team at Mindmaps will be a semantic search engine geared towards the film industry. It will be capable of finding the broad array of film information on the internet and allow users to interrogate that data to receive more meaningful search results.

We’re delighted that another innovative company has chosen to base their operations at The Studios. The ability to tailor a workspace to your organisations needs is a hugely attractive one, with our London-based flexible office space being ideal for such developments. With a vibrant community on our doorstep and other technology companies amongst our tenants, we really are a perfect location for tech startups to be based.

If your organisation could make better use of the data it holds, and let’s face it, which organisation doesn’t, then it may well be worth your time visiting and speaking to the talented team.

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