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Mindmaps Research find a new name and a new home at The Studios

Mindmaps Research logo
Mindmaps Research

In November we welcomed a new face to the community at The Studios, a technology company that develops search engines which help organisations discover the value of data stores, uncovering their true potential. Whilst located in Cambridge the highly innovative startup went by the name Ontoit Holdings, but as part of a rebrand and restructure they are now known as Mindmaps Research Ltd.

Mindmaps are a tech startup founded by University of Cambridge graduate Haikal Pribadi and including graduates from universities throughout the world. With studies including Advanced Computer Science, Electronic Engineering, Machine Learning and Nuclear Engineering amongst their backgrounds, they really are a bright bunch!

They focus on creating knowledge representation systems, which allow them to integrate large amounts of data through formal naming and definition of the data types, properties, and interrelationships, known as knowledge ontologies. Their systems are developed using graph technologies, enabling Mindmaps to perform semantic search on big data in parallel.

Whilst these terms may all appear quite baffling to most, the result is a search engine that can discover meaningful relationships between data that previously appeared quite isolated. When you consider just how much data your organisation collects, and how little you scrutinise that data, you can imagine the benefit that would come from being able to interrogate it more closely.

Mindmaps leverage the relationships they discover to assist organisations to find information and explore ideas in an integrative manner. Their search engine integrates five fields in computer science: ontology engineering, machine learning, natural language processing, semantic search and distributed computing. With a modular and scalable system architecture, it can easily be customised to work in different industries with different types of data.

The first application to be developed by the team at Mindmaps will be a semantic search engine geared towards the film industry. It will be capable of finding the broad array of film information on the internet and allow users to interrogate that data to receive more meaningful search results.

We’re delighted that another innovative company has chosen to base their operations at The Studios. The ability to tailor a workspace to your organisations needs is a hugely attractive one, with our London-based flexible office space being ideal for such developments. With a vibrant community on our doorstep and other technology companies amongst our tenants, we really are a perfect location for tech startups to be based.

If your organisation could make better use of the data it holds, and let’s face it, which organisation doesn’t, then it may well be worth your time visiting and speaking to the talented team.

New Year Resolutions: Adding a dash of realism with Fitspace Gyms

Lifting weights in a gym
Getting fit for your new year resolution

With the new year rapidly approaching, it’s that time of year when our thoughts start drifting to achievements in the last year and goals for the next. Whilst most of us won’t have managed to secure a life ambition of performing at Wembley Arena or representing Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium, we can still dream!

The desire to achieve more in the coming year sees 30% of us setting goals for the year, according to a YouGov survey held for The Times in 2014. Research in the USA saw a higher figure of 45% given, but of those only a tiny 8% actually go on to attain their goals. With such a small number of people succeeding in achieving their aims, it seems wise to ensure that you have an escape plan in place for any expenditure!

At the heart of the community at The Studios in Islington is the Holloway Road branch of Fitspace Gyms. With the vast majority of resolutions being related to exercise (51%) and losing weight (47%), the local gym is a likely destination for many of us to go to shed the pounds.

With joining fees, annual membership fees and training gear all draining our bank balance, the canny resolution-maker could opt for a Flex Monthly membership with Fitspace. This level of membership allows the most flexibility, with the minimum length being just a single month. So when all the motivation has been sapped from your body, there’s always the opportunity to cancel your membership with just a month’s notice. Phew! There is still a joining fee to pay, but this covers arranging your membership, induction etc.

The gym is a popular destination for tenants of The Studios during lunch and after work, and it’s easy to see why with the no-nonsense membership packages and facilities available. If you are looking for flexible office space in London then having a gym on your doorstep is definitely an added bonus when it comes to attracting motivated and successful staff.

The Studios in Islington are a collection of studio spaces that are central to the local community. Our studios offer such flexibility that tenants can tailor an empty shell to their needs, or opt for a fit out designed by award-winning architect Sarah Featherstone.

Right, time to don our gym kit, oh-so-stylish headbands and head down to Fitspace Holloway Road to sign up! With the average British adult consuming 7,000 calories on Christmas Day, we think we’re going to need it!

Finding the right motivational celebrity speaker for an office Christmas event

Speakers Corner staff holding letters to spell company name
© Speakers Corner

With Christmas quickly approaching, so is the time for us to don our finery and join our co-workers for the annual event that is the office Christmas party. Even the most hard-working of company stalwarts makes time to let their hair down and display their penchant for loud shirts. Whilst many office parties can quickly fade into obscurity, one way of making sure they make an impact and last long in the memory is to hire a celebrity speaker.

This is when residents of The Studios, Speakers Corner, come into their own. One of the world’s leading speaker agencies, they have a wealth of experience in helping company’s find the right celebrity after dinner speaker. Their unique business model of not representing any speaker exclusively allows them to offer a thoroughly impartial service. This brings the reassurance that when dealing with Speakers Corner they will genuinely be advising you rather than selling to you.

Naturally every office Christmas party has a budget, and there are a range of speakers from under £2,500 an event, including former EastEnders actor Shaun Williamson and comedian Holly Walsh, a regular on both TV and radio. Or you could look to motivational speaker Bob Champion, winner of the Grand National and tireless charity worker following his much publicised battle against cancer.

If you’re not so restricted by budget, you could look to be entertained and inspired by Karren Brady, one of the UK’s most recognisable female business figures. Currently on our TV screens as Alan Sugar’s assistant on The Apprentice, the vice-chairman of West Ham United is an entrepreneur, journalist and author.

Or you could choose former Olympic gold medallist and MP, Sebastian Coe. Lord Coe was named “Greatest Briton” in the Morgan Stanley Awards and was instrumental in helping bring the Olympics to London in 2012.

Speakers Corner were formed as a family business and have worked hard to become a market leader in just 15 years. They personify the type of innovative and successful businesses that choose to reside in the community of flexible office spaces at The Studios in Islington.

Situated at the heart of North London’s cultural quarter in Islington, The Studios provide a collection of creative office spaces that are central to the local community. The flexibility of our studios means that tenants can move into an empty shell to be tailored to their needs, or benefit from a fit out that has been designed by Sarah Featherstone, an award-winning architect.

So now it’s time for us to put our thinking caps on and decide who’s going to be the celebrity speaker at our own office Christmas party. Shall we go for comedy, or motivation? Or how about both?! We’re off to Speakers Corner to see who fits the bill…

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